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Manikarnika Ghat

According to legendary tales, the Manikarnika Kund is even older than the River Ganges and it was created by Lord Vishnu as a symbol of the creation of the Universe. The Manikarnika Ghat was however made by Lord Shiva and is said to be a samsham or cremation ground for the Hindus completely. As it is people say that death in Kashi leads to Moksha and thus people come here to cremate their loved ones and pray for their souuls to attain moksha. This is second in importance to the Dashashwamedha Ghat and is also one of the Pancha Sthans for holy Hindu worship.
Rohith T V
There is a legend associated with Manikarnika Ghat. It is said that at some point of time Lord Shiva was moving with his devotees. In order to avoid this her consort Goddess Parvati hid her earrings and asked him to find it. Since then Lord Shiva ia trying to find that ring at Manikarnika Ghat (Manikarnika means earning). Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi was born as Manikarnika in Varanasi taking the name from this ghat.
Rohith T V
These two ghats are used exclusively for cremation. Hindu devotees believe that they will go to heaven if they die here in Varanasi. Old men and women visit Varanasi and wait for their judgement day. Cremation is an important activity here in Varanasi and hence separate ghats.
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You can skip watching arti from boat just get seated on the stairs for the perfect sight of arti.
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The boat will take you up to Manikarnika Ghat where body meets with ashes and it is to be believed that this is one of most sacred ghats of all as Mythology says : the Jewel from the ear of Lord Shiva fell off while bathing at pond at the ghat build by Lord Vishnu so the name is placed as Mani (jewel) Karnika (ear) and other citing is when Shiva danced angrily the Jewel fell off ear thus the name formed.another important reason why it is so sacred is according to popular belief whoever cremated here gets Moksha or salvation and souls gets freedom from cycle of life.there is also a Moksha Bhawan (Salvation Home) at ghat where one who are near to death can reside for few days in the desire to die in Kashi in order to break the chain of birth and death and never reborn thus to attain salvation.
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Manikarnika Ghat should be next on your list. It is believed that dead human souls find salvation when cremated here. Words cannot describe this place where life and death meet. The realization of the thought that this is the ultimate destination gives you chills.