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Manikarnika Ghat

According to legendary tales, the Manikarnika Kund is even older than the River Ganges and it was created by Lord Vishnu as a symbol of the creation of the Universe. The Manikarnika Ghat was however made by Lord Shiva and is said to be a samsham or cremation ground for the Hindus completely. As it is people say that death in Kashi leads to Moksha and thus people come here to cremate their loved ones and pray for their souuls to attain moksha. This is second in importance to the Dashashwamedha Ghat and is also one of the Pancha Sthans for holy Hindu worship.
Doyel Banerjee
মণিকর্ণিকা ঘাট
Amit dwivedi
After breakfast chek out and drop to airport for 1050 am flight.Early morning Subahe banaras at Assi ghat from 0600Am-0800am.After breakfast chek out and drop to airport for 1050 am flight.
Akhil Tiwari
When you visit this ghat you realize the truth of life which is death. No matter how many goals we set in our life, the ultimate goal of life will be death. Here you will see cremation of unclaimed bodies who do not have anyone to cry for them on one side and on the other hand you see cremation of a body with a line of people crying loudly, you see body of a 90 year old and a body of a 9 year old burning next to each other in a way as if it is telling you that the only thing certain in life is its uncertainty. It is not only the smoke coming out of the fire that will make your tears fall, it is your inner soul which will cry and say to you that please promise me that we still have a lot of time to live and to do things which we always wanted to do, things which we are afraid of doing, things which we are planning to do but do not have time for it like having that small road trip with your better half or group of school/college friends, giving some surprise to your parents or just telling them how much you love them, quitting your job for a business, startup or to follow your passion.Do we really have time to postpone or plan things for future?
Rohith T V
There is a legend associated with Manikarnika Ghat. It is said that at some point of time Lord Shiva was moving with his devotees. In order to avoid this her consort Goddess Parvati hid her earrings and asked him to find it. Since then Lord Shiva ia trying to find that ring at Manikarnika Ghat (Manikarnika means earning). Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi was born as Manikarnika in Varanasi taking the name from this ghat.
Rohith T V
These two ghats are used exclusively for cremation. Hindu devotees believe that they will go to heaven if they die here in Varanasi. Old men and women visit Varanasi and wait for their judgement day. Cremation is an important activity here in Varanasi and hence separate ghats.