Fork Union

Priyakanth Manda
Fork. A small beautiful town in Utah It was one hell of a road trip. People say a lot about traveling but the best thing this road trip did to me was refreshing my perspectives about life, moments and career. I’ve done several road trips before ranging from 800 miles to 3200 miles but none has satisfied my yearning for travel like this did. Helped me energize and get excited to get onto reality, meet old friends, make new ones, start new work and live in a new place. To me the road is the answer for my calling, it has always been. As the old saying goes: “You can always make money but you can never make time”. Just make time and get out prowling onto the world, it has a lot of surprises for you. So many moments to cherish: my conversation with ranchers about life, small talk with a German about beers and cultures, eating Bison and Cactus, surviving -6C in a tent, my stay at a beautiful house via AirBnb, the smiles and hellos I got from small towners and above all, beautiful nature. Am I gonna do it again? Hell yes, a road trip is my love song. But this time across countries. Peru — Bolivia — Chile, maybe? Do it alone? Never ever.“Happiness is only real when shared”