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Washington, D.C. — the capital of the United States and home to some of our country’s most noteworthy chronicled curios and precious fortunes. While not every person can reveal a mystery delineate the back of the Declaration of Independence that prompts a centuries-old fortune, there’s a lot of different fortunes for you to find in Washington, D.C.
Ashutosh Patil
*Mode of transport- AC bus (take4tours)*Places visited- Lincoln memorial, Washington monument, Korean war memorial, Vietnam war memorial, Potomac river cruise, White house, Smithsonian air and space museum, Capitol, Independence hall Philadelphia, Liberty Bell*Food- Famous Dave's, Subway, Dunkin donuts*Stay- Holiday inn, New JerseyToday was the day to visit the capital of US- Washington DC. So our day started early at 5am as the drive to Washington was a long one. We reached around 9 am and started with the Lincoln memorial.Lincoln memorial is a must visit when in the capital. The memorial itself houses the towering statue of Abraham Lincoln and you can find the two of his famous speeches engraved on its walls. If you look at it from outside the top of the memorial displays the names of the individual states that constitute America. The peace and quiet around is alluring and also the view of the Washington monument in the distance, reflecting over the pool. We also enjoyed an orchestra practice session playing the pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack right outside the memorial.White House was shown to us from outside. Duh. You can't get anywhere close to the headquarters of the most powerful man in the world. So we clicked the usual photos and moved on.So all the major buildings in Washington are in a straight line, like the Lincoln memorial and Washington monument and the Capitol building. Connected by a multiple small parks in between.Smithsonian air and space museum is a pretty cool place but I think the kids will like it more coz all we saw there was a loads and loads of high school kids. But it was worth a visit to see all the huge planes hanging in the sky and walk down through aviation history.Potomac river cruise started cool but then it was just going around the river and showing you the buildings around Washington like the airforce one hangar, National war college, Titanic memorial and some other random stuff. Not worth the time and money is what I felt.After the river cruise we went into the next stop which was Philadelphia and stopped along the way to eat at Maryland. Lunch was at famous Dave's and their nonveg starter platter was too good and too huge, that I had to parcel it and have it for dinner. Their variety of steak, fried chicken, chicken wings, fried fish and onion rings all tasted awesome with a side of Budweiser beer!
Shaunak Bhattacharjee
DAY 10.The next day we went to the capital, Washington D.C. Let me tell you that the traffic at Washington is no better than that of India.Places visited:The PentagonCapitol BuildingWashington MonumentThe White HouseUnited States Botanical GardenUnited States Anthropological MuseumThe best thing about the city is that there is no entry ticket for the museums. Now, D.C. was half visited. We planned to stay two more days here. Cab fares are extremely high and a distance of 1 mile can fetch as much as 10 dollars! Thanks to the waiting time in the traffic.
Head to Washington in the early morining.Obviously it's better to stay longer than a day, but we managed to cram all the main sights into a day without spending the night there.
Pratyancha J Goyal
The next morning we headed out to Washington D.C. with a stop in Philadelphia. The Liberty Bell in Phili has quite some history behind it so a small layover there was needed. The capital city is mostly white structures that consist of political offices. Seeing the White House was like standing in a movie except that we didn't actually get to see Mr.President.