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September - May
Families, Couples
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Rama Krishna Beach

In short known as the RK Beach of Vizag, this beach is located in the center of the city and is usually very crowded with lots of people ans stalls. A walk along this buzzing beach is always fun and you can also relax here after a busy day of shopping in the malls around this place. There are also a number of good restaurants around.
Nitin Kapoor
As it was almost 6:30pm, we headed back to Rama Krishna beach side to enjoy the fresh breeze around the beach road. We saw lots of street food stalls on the beach road and it was such a happening place in the evening. We even visited the Aircraft Museum on the beach road but could not stay there for long due to time constraints. Spent sometime walking on the footpath of the beach road, enjoying street food and feeling the breeze. It was a day well spent at Vizag.
Nitin Kapoor
We started our day with Rama Krishna beach. It is the heart of the city and it is connected to the straight road known as the beach road. Once you enter the beach, you will find lots of food stalls near the sea shore. Muri Mixture (puffed rice mix) is something to try out there. We tried to talk to the locals out there to understand more about the city and the places to visit. They were very friendly and enthusiastic to help us out. We spent sometime on the beach loitering here and there, but as it was getting crowded, we decided to move on to some other place. It was Sunday, so along with the tourists, locals were also coming to the beach to spend their day off, so by 12pm, it was quite crowded. Our next stop was Kailashgiri hill top.
Beach Road, VisakhapatnamBeach Road (also known as, Visakhapatnam Beach Road) is a major highway road in Visakhapatnam. It is home for Tourist destinations such as RK Beach and Kailasagiri.
Jhelum Kaushal
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