Beach, Please!!

30th Jun 2015

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Beach! Sand, surf and sun are the most common words that people spell out when they hear the word beach. And it is true also. But beaches have more to offer than these. To me, the beach signifies magnanimity, poise and grandiose. Sitting on the sand viewing the sunset sometimes reminds me of the days we used to play street cricket and the ball used to fall in a water puddle, a water tank or even a well. There are many shades of the beach. Some are calm, some are verbose. But the beauty remains the same no matter what.

Photo of Beach, Please!! 1/12 by Mastane Musafir

Living on coastal Karnataka for over an year now, led me to ponder, what is so special about the beaches here? The beaches here are not as spoilt by tourist incursion as that of the beaches of Goa, nor they are calm and serene as the beaches in Andamans. But somewhere somehow these beaches have a unique charm, they leave your mind in a state between rage and serenity!

Over the period, I have visited quite a few beaches of Karnataka. All beaches are the same only, people will say. I say, Nah! There is one particular thing about each beach that sets them apart from others. That feature is the differentiator. And here’s how these 5 places on coastal Karnataka differentiate themselves from the others.

Malpe Beach

Malpe will always have a special mention for the fact I visited it the first day I landed in Manipal. Magnanimous, grandiloquent, humongous are the adjectives that come out of your mouth the moment you see it. A huge area and a roaring sea! Almost deafens your ears during high tides, not to forget, rains combined with that and it is absolute sound proofing in entire area. (Never ever visit when it rains).

Photo of Beach, Please!! 2/12 by Mastane Musafir

With the fisheries department base right next to the beach, you will devour on most amazing varieties of fish from innumerable stalls lined up on the beach. Don’t worry veggie folks, personal recommendation for the Gobi Manchurian. Hands down it is the best! (Also heard about it for the first time here itself :D ).

Photo of Beach, Please!! 3/12 by Mastane Musafir

As the sun sets beautifully over the St. Mary’s Island at the horizon, a ship sails towards the harbor, birds return to their nests and the entire atmosphere becomes alive, you sit there watching the sky change color from blue to amber to dusk and then complete dark, as if a master painter is mixing colors on his palette.

• Kapu Beach

A beach having a lighthouse always leaves you in an awe. It is the charisma of the lighthouses. For the ship lost at sea, a lighthouse gives it hope. When a person sees a beach with lighthouse, the tranquility of the scene has similar effect on his mind. Kapu beach is no different.

Photo of Beach, Please!! 4/12 by Mastane Musafir

The narrow allies leading you to the main beach will itself make you fall in love with the place. And as you approach the beach, you just get mesmerized by the simplicity of it. Someone has rightly said, “Simplicity is the Essence of Beauty.” Mere sitting on the rocks at the base of the lighthouse facing the mighty ocean with cool breeze ruffling your hair is quite an experience in itself.

As the ascent to the top begins, somewhere midway a voice from within calls out, “No Further.” But then another voice subsides it saying, why did you even make it this far.

Photo of Beach, Please!! 5/12 by Mastane Musafir

The battle within goes on and suddenly a strong gush of air blows and everything just quietens up. Nothing but the ocean. Seamless, endless, boundary less.

Photo of Beach, Please!! 6/12 by Mastane Musafir

A look down over the rails and you will feel “Alive and Awesome.”

• Delta Beach

Just imagine, when while travelling through the country side, small cottages on either side of the road and towering coconut trees, like you are having a great ride and you reach a dead end! Just a foot trail leading inside the woods.

Photo of Beach, Please!! 7/12 by Mastane Musafir

Sometimes it is good to take the road less traveled! An estuary lies right behind, a place where river meets the sea, leaving behind a soothing effect.

Quiet and peaceful, sit there, be awed how the fresh water becomes marshy, watch a flock of birds fly over the horizon. At times some of the scenes will make you go philosophical, make you ponder about the purpose of life, the search for truth, the answer to the unknown. And who knows, you might find them as well!

• Murudeshwar Beach

Ever thought of experiencing fun and spirituality together? A weird combination, isn’t it? A divine feeling sets in as you approach the premises of Murudeshwar temple. Standing in between the 20-storeyed Gopura and huge Shiva idol, the heads go from right to left and back, in amazement and awe, similar to that of the audience witnessing an interesting rally between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer.

Photo of Beach, Please!! 8/12 by Mastane Musafir

Done with spirituality, now comes the fun part.

20-storeys above the ground, a realization occurs that the shrine is surrounded by water from 3 sides. 3 windows, 3 directions, 3 jaw-dropping views. And all three views are unique in their own aspect.

Photo of Beach, Please!! 9/12 by Mastane Musafir

Beach is a usual tourist attraction with swimming and boat rides. Have a quick bite at the sea facing restaurant. Not great food, but for the view it provides, I give 2 likes!!

Who said visiting temples was boring?

• Marvanthe Beach

Sometimes, you find happiness at places you least expect to find. A beach, from out of nowhere, running parallel to the National Highway. I always dreamt, what it would be drive parallel to the ocean when I read about The Great Ocean Road in Australia. Now I know what it is.

Photo of Beach, Please!! 10/12 by Mastane Musafir
Photo of Beach, Please!! 11/12 by Mastane Musafir

Stop at Marvanthe, play with your friends, splash that water, shed your inhibitions, shout your lungs out, take a sip of coconut water and enjoy as the sun goes past the horizon, for this is a “Pursuit of Happyness”

Beaches, so similar in nature, yet so different from one another. Each beach has its story, each has its USP. And as sun sets over the beach, it conveys a very beautiful message, “Sometimes, endings are beautiful!”

Photo of Beach, Please!! 12/12 by Mastane Musafir