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Avoid visiting the place during the monsoon months and one will enjoy the best of what the dam has to offer.
The dam is open to public from sunrise to sunset
Nature lovers can go berserk and so can photo fanatics. Plan a picnic here or a family outing.
To enter the Dam area one needs to pay INR 10.00 per head. If you come by a vehicle and require parking, you will be charged INR 10.00 per vehicle. Wish to carry a camera with you to take some pictures of the dam? One has to pay INR 20.00 per camera. If you wish to go boating you will have to shell out INR 450.00 for five people.
All year
Families, Couples
1 out of 3 attractions in Vythiri

Banasura Sagar Dam

Just at the foothills of the Banasura Hills is the famous Banasura Sagar Dam. This dam is found at a distance of 21 kilometres from Kalpeta. The second largest dam in all of Asia, the structure is made up of huge boulders. The water comes from a tributary of the River Kabini. The beauty of this place attracts many tourists, Indian and as well as foreigners. The Banasura Hills make for an awesome backdrop and one has the option of going on a trek while on a visit here. Boating rides are held and one should make it a point to enjoy this facility.
Anuj Singh
Ever heard about the largest earthen dam in India? If yes, you should have heard about Banasura Sagar Dam. If you haven’t heard about this magnificent dam, it’s time to discover.Banasura Sagar Dam is one of the famous tourist spots at Wayanad in Kerala. It is the largest earthen dam in India & the second largest in Asia. Interestingly, this dam was constructed with massive stacks of stones and boulders. It stretches out for almost a kilometre and has a vast catchment area.In addition, the view from the top of the Banasura Sagar Dam will make you awestruck. The best time to visit this dam is from November to May. If you are planning your vacation to Wayanad during these months, make sure you visit this beauty for an enthralling experience.Here is a quick history of Banasura Sagar Dam. This dam was constructed at the foot of Banasura Hill for two major purposes. It was constructed to support the Kakkayam Hydroelectric power project and to satisfy the demand for irrigation and drinking water in the region. The hill is named after Banasura who was an asura king. Banasura was also the son of King Mahabali. The locals say that Banasura undertook a severe penance on the top of this hill and thus the place was named after him.Trekking is one of the best things to do here. Make sure you trek through the mist-covered hills of Wayanad.Banasura Sagar Dam is a beautiful tourist spot in Wayanad. Your getaway to Wayanad is never complete without visiting this magnificent beauty.📍 Banasura Sagar Dam, Kerala | May 2018Photos shot on iPhone SE
Aishwarya J Nair
I am someone who mastered the art of tree climbing. My cousins and I could have got into the circus if we pursued it! Laugh, all you want. But yes, we were quite the daredevils. 2020 started badly, but it ended beautifully for me personally. Reason?- I hopped on a zip line. What is a zip line, you may ask? It's nothing big, just a small pulley suspended on a cable line, and you slide through a slope. Pretty simple, yet fancy.
Calicut railway station gave us a warm welcome and the already arranged minivan was waiting for us, our first stop was Thusharagiri waterfalls as we badly needed a shower after a long journey. The waterfall is located on the way to Wayanad from Thamaraserry. We had no idea that it is a three-tiered waterfall and we have to trek quite some distance to reach each falls. The first fall was kinda near to the entry point and we started to walk towards the second one, the path slowly started to get steepened and yeah many of us started to tire. But still, we marched on, we found a small fall and some stagnant water in between the rocks (like a natural pool :P) on the way and we ran and jumped into it. THAT WAS SOOO COLDD and SO GOOD... We had some crazy time there, got a refresh, and came down as our schedule was kinda tight. Even though we couldn't see the main falls, that was a decent warm-up for the next day's big trek. We then stopped by Lakkidi viewpoint where we could see an amazing view of the way we have come across from Calicut. Clicked some cool snaps. We then tried Zipline on the way to Banasura Dam. It was first of this kind experience for most of us, flying over lush tea plantation and we cherished the moment. Our last destination of the day was the largest earth dam in India, Banasura Sagar Dam. It was indeed a great evening there, hot Chai, cool clickz with a beautiful background of the reservoir and of course witnessed a stunning sunset behind the vast spread water body. The homestay (Swastha Heritage Homestay) we booked was located nearly 1-hour drive west of the Banasura and it was in an isolated place in the middle of nowhere (Guys loved it). We had a decent dinner, a memorable campfire, and did wind up our day. A Huge day was ahead of us.
Third Day morning, we had to say goodbye to the amazing Tower hill resort and its people. We spent some time taking pictures, packed and headed to the Banasura sagar dam. It is at Kalpetta. Its apparently the second largest Dam in Asia. Again, this looks upon so many mountains and great views. There is a garden that bears so many different trees and shelters various plants. It is a great place to chill. It also offers great backgrounds for your cover pictures and DPs :)Writing this now, it is indeed an "August" throwback :)
Vikram Mn
We had one whole day before taking the train at night so we decided to go to places which we missed the previous day. Started with Banusagar dam, biggest earthen dam. Had a tea and a couple of weird sweet snack like a cake and Speed boating would have been nice but we both were not in a mood, there were also swings from high up in the air which was good. Would have been good Saturday evening outing place with family.