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Avoid visiting the place during the monsoon months and one will enjoy the best of what the dam has to offer.
The dam is open to public from sunrise to sunset
Nature lovers can go berserk and so can photo fanatics. Plan a picnic here or a family outing.
To enter the Dam area one needs to pay INR 10.00 per head. If you come by a vehicle and require parking, you will be charged INR 10.00 per vehicle. Wish to carry a camera with you to take some pictures of the dam? One has to pay INR 20.00 per camera. If you wish to go boating you will have to shell out INR 450.00 for five people.
All year
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Families, Couples
1 out of 3 attractions in Vythiri
Just at the foothills of the Banasura Hills is the famous Banasura Sagar Dam. This dam is found at a distance of 21 kilometres from Kalpeta. The second largest dam in all of Asia, the structure is made up of huge boulders. The water comes from a tributary of the River Kabini. The beauty of this place attracts many tourists, Indian and as well as foreigners. The Banasura Hills make for an awesome backdrop and one has the option of going on a trek while on a visit here. Boating rides are held and one should make it a point to enjoy this facility.
Sheetal Mehrotra
“Banasura Sagar Dam” is a hill climb followed by a long walk of about one hour that ends up at a lake where people are free to boat and snack at the nearby park.In case you are planning for “Phantom Rocks”, its a total No-No from my side; a place that is unknown to the localites and eventually turns out to be just a collection of rocks set on a cliff, amongst the bushes, with a noisy mine in the proximity.
Nitish Raj
Driving through beautiful estates we reached Banasura Sagar Dam, which is huge! (And Scary > I'm scared of deep water)We did speed boating there which was fun and adventurous (to me).
Ankur Aggarwal
Out of all, this was my favourite. You see Dam on one side and tourist spot on the other hand. Tourist spot is 2 Km away from the entrance but you can get a Jeep for very nominal charge. This place was full of nature sceneries. We spend most of our time on this one. One thing you should not miss on this one is MotorBoat Ride. It will take you around small islands and river is full of flora in between. You cannot describe that feeling in words though.
Anshita Pandey
Most amazing food.. rush of flavors n ingredients organically grown at the plantation.. walk through the tea roading .. explsion of colors.. natural dam at banasura earth dam.. retreat to blore via bandipur
Megha Goel
Outside the temple we had our breakfast. I tried puttu which is a breakfast dish of steamed cylinders of ground rice layered with coconut. I was told they looked better when served hot but I enjoyed them what so ever. And you must definitely try them. They are served with "Potato and peas curry" . We were running out of time so we dropped the plan to trek to "Chembra peak" and decided to visit Banasura sagar Dam instead. It was enormous and there at the entrance I saw the most delicious and spicy Mango slices !!!!
On the very first day, along with a local, Joseph I went to Banasura Sagar Dam which is about 55 kms from the city of Kalpetta. There is a huge reservoir created between the hills due to the holding back of dam water. A 15 minute speed boating is a good idea to enjoy the forest closely. From a distance Banasura Forest Resort is also visible. It overlooks the Banasura Sagar Dam and appears to be on a quiet and an exotic location.
Boating and beautiful views at Banasura Sagar Dam: Banasura Sagar Dam offers mesmerizing views of the surrounding mountains. You can go for boating in the lake. The road to the site is quite narrow, and the time we were visiting there was a big traffic jam. With the rains and the traffic congestion, we decided to turn back. Maybe on my next trip then!
Mohammed Shafit
Our next destination was to the resort which we already booked through online. Check in time was around 12. By the time we finished It was 11am in the morning. After check-in, a fine Lunch and a small break we set out to our next destination. "Banasura Sagar Dam". It is one of the oldest earth Dam in India and covers a huge water reservoir. l will not be able to post pictures of this beautiful place because of some restriction. After a fantastic evening and sunset, we head back for some small shopping and dinner.
Lots of natural beauty , speed boat ride
Nabanita Roy
Recommendations galore!! Please be there, take a speed boat ride. This is a place where you must be if you have plans for Wayanad. The reservoir, the lush green hills alongside will be breathtaking. It was too windy and we enjoyed every moment there. Just that we could not take the speed boat ride because we were running short of time. But make sure you don't miss it!