lingshangrenjia 1/1 by Tripoto


Yizhen Yap
Lingshangrenjia -> 岭上人家, can be directly translated to 'People on the mountain range'. This attraction is made up of restaurants built on the mountain edge that continues till top of the mountain. The photo I took is from the carpark, quite a distance away from the restaurant as a river runs between the mountain and the carpark area. There is a bridge to cross to get to the opposite side. All the restaurants serve similar things, and the specialty in that area is 烤全羊 (kao-quan-yang), which is 'Roasted whole lamb'. So just pick any with many people inside and preferably with air-conditioning as its hot in summer. The lambs are 'fresh', as you can hear them 'bahhh-ing' when you walk nearer to their kitchen (I didn't dare to go look..). The lamb is just nice for a table of 12 people, of course with other add-on dishes. The cooks are fantastic as the roasted lamb is sprinkled with all sort of spices that create so much flavour there is no 'lamb smell' at all. I highly recommend this place! If you are not a fan of roasted lamb, I still suggest visiting this place just to see how amazing that the restaurants are built on the mountain edge.