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September - February
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Seal Island

Arnab Sarkar
We decided to stand at the front of the Yacht. I didn't see much waves and so it was not so difficult to stand there. We started gossipping among ourselves and in between was check out the other passengers as well :) The ocean path is surrounded by the mountains and the morning sun rays were playing with the water. The black clouds are trying to make the mountains head covered- and we are on the Yacht; all together the eternal beauty of the nature kept all of us mesmerised. Well, when we were about to reach the Seal Island, I understood I guessed completely wrong about the waves of the Atlantic. It was like someone has poured all the water to our Yacht. We were going up for around 5ft with every waves and was coming down suddenly. I didn't try to stand any further and sat down holding the bars strongly. The ships was once getting turned to one side and the next moment to the other side. Slowly with those Salsa dancing waves, we reached near the Seal Island. There is no option to get down on the Island. So we could see the big joint family of Seals enjoying their day lazily on the Island. I had never seen so many Seals together. Summy asked me why Seals are called as Sea-Lions. Well, Seals are not Sea-Lions rather they are basically cousins of Sea Lions. Though they look pretty similar, there are differences among them. Sea-lions are called Sea Lions because they are as powerful as lions but stay in sea. Worth mentioning here, Seals and Sea Lions are generally good friend with humans and they rarely attack any human. They can easily be trained.
Water cruise showed us both the Seal Island filled with seals and sea birds at Duiker Island. Tours depart at 08h45, 09h45, 11h00, 12h45, 14h45 or 15h45.