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Jordan Knotts
We took the train to York today. The city has quite an old feel to it. When we got to York Minster all the bells were ringing and I thought we had such great timing to arrive just when that was happening, but then it turned out that the minster had paid to bring in professional bell ringers that day and were getting their money’s worth! They clanged on nearly constantly for the first 2 or so hours we were there. Lol. We went on a free White Rose walking tour and saw the remains of Saint Mary’s abbey, and went to King’s Manor where Henry VIII stayed and where his 5th wife, Catherine Howard allegedly had the affair that led to her beheading. We walked along the city walls and our guide pointed out which parts were Roman, Medieval, and Victorian. We saw a statue of Constantine the Great who was proclaimed Roman Emperor while in York in 306 AD. And we went to the home where Guy Fawkes was born, and the square where criminals, like the notorious highwayman Dick Turpin, were hanged. =D
Literally Neha
York is a very old, historic small city. It’s probably not very well known but in my opinion it should be. It’s a city to just stroll around and enjoy the atmosphere, walk along the city medieval walls or visit the Minster.