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Tianmen Mountain

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Located at a distance of 1500 kilometers from the capital city, Beijing, Zhangjiajie is easily accessible by air and train routes. The Tianmen Mountain is located at a mere 8-kilometre distance from the Zhangjiajie railway station. The ropeway cable car going to the mountain, starts from nearby the train station. Make sure you come early or else you may just stay in the queue for too long or may miss the chance altogether. Usually the line will be extending from the first floor counter till the road. The price for the ticket currently is 258 Yuans. This includes the entry pass, uphill cable car journey as well as downhill bus journey. Ninety eight 8-seater cable cars are constantly on the move along the seven-kilometre-long ropeway.
Say WOW to the see through skywalk in China which is sure to give you the thrills as you stride nervously across the 200ft long bridge and so high up, that it offers you a clear view of the mountain peaks.
Travel Tales
This mystical mountain, located in Tianmen Mountain National Park, is home to a massive cavern opening that is believed to be the Gateway to Heaven. While you have to get through 1000 steps to reach the top of the mountain (or take the newly built cable car), what is waiting for you at the top is a beautifully constructed temple once you reach the ‘sky door’, as they call it. This park is also home to one of the most dangerous, winding roads in the world, with never-ending curvy switchbacks along the edge of the mountains. The road has 99 curves, symbolizing the 9 different palaces in heaven. While this is just a local story, it’s quite an experience visiting this heavenly mountain.