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Born and brought up in Kolkata(India) ,I am currently working in the city . I have a dream and the dream is to travel the world. “Every time I travel and every time I return home I realize that everything around me is still the same but then something in my mind has changed and that change is everything.” I have been badly bitten by the travel bug and I am not complaining at all . If you love travelling… not plan too much ….close your eyes and follow your heart ….everything else will fall in place….and trust me you will not regret the decision. It might take a toll on your bank balance but you will be a lot richer with the experiences and memories that you have gained from your trip. For me travelling is like meditation. Though I love travelling with family and friends, I thoroughly enjoy my solo trips as well. I like meeting people , knowing their culture and trying out local cuisines . Each place has so much to offer and it adds to your experience. There is a certain excitement in sharing your travel story with a complete stranger who is also travelling from a different part of the globe and has a story to share with you and for the first and last time in life. I am a travel addict and to take my addiction to a new level , I have decided to share my travel stories with you…. I have indulged in the wildest of adventure sports like Skydiving in Auckland, scuba diving in Andaman ,parasailing in Pattaya , paragliding in Himalayas and river rafting in Tista .Be it the opportunity to view the magnificent panorama of Luxor from a Hot Air balloon or the excitement of a sea plane ride in Andamans or a Maglev train ride in Shanghai or fun of feeding cub in Bangkok Safari World …. I loved them all….these are memories of lifetime. I want to travel like a nomad and explore the world….and for that I have to quit my desk job ….lets see :)