Episode 2: Nag Tibba Summit (Jhandi Top) | Uttarakhand Trek

20th Mar 2019
Photo of Episode 2: Nag Tibba Summit (Jhandi Top) | Uttarakhand Trek by Mountain Wheeler

SUBSCRIBE NOW - https://goo.gl/HLrLfg (Free). It's our second day and Nag Tibba base camp to the summit is around 7km, after Nag Tibba temple the trek is full of snow, adventures. This morning was full of excitement, though, we couldn't wake up on time but started the trek by 7 am without having any meal. Just after a while, it was looking like we are climbing on almost 90 degree but we took tiny steps and keep walking forward, I believe when we trek we should use short steps instead of long, and try to breathe from nose only. also, we should match the breathing rhythm with our footsteps, this will help you a lot. Please correct me if I am wrong or share your experience with us.⁣

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