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I woke up at 7 or 7.30 in the morning after a tight sleep. I felt fresh and energetic after a good amount of sleep(seriously a good ride will be more exciting when the rider have enough amount of sleep before the ride). I got brushed, took my bath and packed my luggage for my journey. I came down and checked out of the hotel . I tied my bag packs on my bike pillion and i started from hotel. I had a cup of tea near Rajamundry railway station and i set my google maps directly to Araku. It was 278 kms and a 6 hrs journey according to the maps. I travelled a few distance after Rajamundry and i stopped for my breakfast. I saw a small and tiny hotel where the cook is making Dosa. I ordered one and ate it . I had a cup of tea again and left towards destination.After travelling 160 kms distance google showed me to take left . The straight road will be going to vishakapatnam and the left will leave to Anakapalli. There was a flyover and i need to pass from it. Once i crossed it the bad roads started. The roads are too narrow( only a single lorry / truck can fit). I just prayed to god that no obstacle come on my journey. The risk on travelling those narrow roads are if your bike got punctured you wont get any help, same with fuel and medication. I asked a person travelling on bike whether the route will lead to Araku. He said this is not the route and he never heard anyone saying we can reach Araku this way. I don't know what to say. Mind got blank for a while and i didn't stopped my ride while thinking. I decided to trust google mother as i had a good success rate in believing in my past. I resumed my journey on my confidence level. The road took me into many beautiful scenic views which i really enjoyed. I crossed farms, canals, mud roads and i saw complete village atmosphere through out my journey. After reaching certain point all of a sudden the temperature suddenly dropped and it started becoming cold. I was heading and then the beautiful road a rider wants to drive in life time began . The ghat started and it took into the agency region( backward areas where people live). I saw people carrying the bamboo sticks on their heads and walking through out ghats. I reached Paderu village and the view become more and more stunning. I loved the ride. Man such a beauty and its worth travelling all the way that far.

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