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Egypt is the oldest tourist destination in the world. The only country to have a standing ancient wonder of the world, Egypt is one place that inspire awe and wonder in every person who visits it. From thousands of year old history to stunning, unexplored coral reefs, Egypt is a destination that never ceases to surprise. A multi-layered culture that gives equal importance to ancient and modern, Egypt is the country where Bedouin tribes of the desert live in perfect harmony with the high-rise buildings of the cities. From Giza’s pyramids to Aswan’s Nubian villages, Egypt’s wonders are worth every moment spent there. Whether ti’s floating on a cruise in the Nile or visiting ancient monuments that have stood firm despite time, every place in Egypt is bound to blow your mind. Travel to the Sudanese border and witness the marvel that is Abu Simbel, or just relax and see the ever-changing topography on the banks of Nile or stuff yourself with the most delicious street food available at all corners of Cairo or tap into the history in Cairo's early churches and in remote desert monasteries. While in Egypt, it will be hard to pick one place that leaves you spell-bound, but you can try!
Best time to visit

Egypt’s peak tourist season is from late November to late February, as it is the time when the Nile is balmy and Luxor and Aswan are compartively cooler. Cairo can be chilly during these months but Alexandria has the perfect tropical weather. Sinai, Dahab and Hurghada are perfect to visit any time of the year. 


For Budget Travellers: INR 2,000 - INR 4,000

For Mid-Range Travellers: INR 6,000 - INR 10,000

For Luxury Travellers: INR 12,000 and upwards

Visa Info

As an Indian Citizen, you need a pre-approved visa for Egypt before your departure from India. A single entry tourist vias costs INR 1900 and a multiple entry tourist visa costs INR 2800 payable in cash only. 

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