#MySingaporeReservations2022 Star Cruise-Gemini Cruise Experience in Singapore

31st May 2017

#MySingaporeReservations2022 If you are planning to visit the Singapore , you may wanna check the Cruise Experience too.

Day 1

I visited the Singapore for 4D/3N package, which included 2 Nights stay in the cruise.

Here is a small video of my memories from the cruise, i hope you guys like it:

Photo of Singapore by Kapil Kumar

The cruise starts around 9 PM on Wednesday and check-in starts at 4 pm till 7pm as last boarding call. You need to reach the Harbourfront to board the cruise and its almost same process as boarding international flight where immigration is performed.

Your passport will be collected when you board the ship and key card will be give for your cabin, which will be useful for purchasing any thing on the ship. You can settle once you checkout

I reached by 6 PM so i could get into my cabin by 7PM which allows me to take a quick shower and relax for some time before the dinner. The cabin was quite spacious and beds were really comfortable. The WIFI was chargeable, i picked the 48 hours plan which cost me 25SGD.

Photo of #MySingaporeReservations2022 Star Cruise-Gemini Cruise Experience in Singapore by Kapil Kumar

The cruise charges include the meals for 3 times in a day, tea with some sweets, usage of pool/Jacuzzi and entry to few shows.

It started raining in the night so they closed the buffet on roof top i.e. Deck 12.

I went to Deck 9 for the Food, which had Indian buffet. The food was better than i expected,you can survive easily even if you are vegetarian. The beer was chargeable at 9SGD per can, so think before you order :)

Photo of #MySingaporeReservations2022 Star Cruise-Gemini Cruise Experience in Singapore by Kapil Kumar

After enjoying the dinner, i went for the Bingo game. The ticket cost was 15SGD and it include 3 tickets per set. As expected, no one completed the full house within 40 calls to win the grand prize of 3000SGD. The consolation prize of around 200SGD was won by a lucky lady. i tried my luck on the second day also, but won nothing as usual :)

Photo of #MySingaporeReservations2022 Star Cruise-Gemini Cruise Experience in Singapore by Kapil Kumar

I was so tired as travelling a lot on the same day before checking into the cruise, so i logged out of the day to sleep well. I was a little concern of getting a bumpy ride but i didnt feel at all in the cruise and slept like a baby :D

The second day started the early morning breakfast at the deck 12 and enjoying the hot coffee with the cool breeze. I went to a show which include asking few Survey questions to participants picked from audience. The host was from Philippines and was very funny and wicked, so one hour passed by before i realized.

Photo of #MySingaporeReservations2022 Star Cruise-Gemini Cruise Experience in Singapore by Kapil Kumar

After the show, i rest for sometime before the lunch. The lunch was good too, with a good combination of veg and non veg dishes. It had variety of non veg including Prawns, Fish curry and roasted Chicken too.

Day 2

This cruise follows Singapore-Port Klang(MY)-SG route, it reached Port klang in the morning itself. If you are interested to go out, you can inform the reception and spend 4-5 hours easily. You dont need a visa as SG E visa is enough to out of the cruise to see the Port Klang.

Photo of Port Klang Selangor Malaysia by Kapil Kumar

The GYM is small, but 5-6 people can workout. I spend 1 hour to make sure i dont miss the GYM too much during my trip of 4 days. After cooling off, i went to Jacuzzi for relaxing the muscles. It felt good as water was little cozy, but being sea water you will have a bit rough skin afterwords.

The Circus show is one of main event at night and it was really good. The Joker, Dancers, stunts man were on top of the show. It was Funny/Colorful/Exciting and pleasing to the eyes.

Photo of #MySingaporeReservations2022 Star Cruise-Gemini Cruise Experience in Singapore by Kapil Kumar

The live bands play on deck 12 at night, so i enjoyed the chilled beer with the lovely performance

The cruise reached SG at 11 AM, so make sure you settle your bill early morning and collect the passport. The gratuity of 17SGD per night-per person will be collected by default, so dont be surprised to see the bill even if you didn't buy anything from the cruise. The checkout process took almost 1 hour including immigration and collecting the bag.

I must say it was a good experience to enjoy my maiden cruise ship, I hope you enjoy yours too.