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Malaysia is a popular... to squeeze in some time for Malaysia... and Malaysia visas ready in about 10 days... cities of Malaysia...

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The peninsula of Malaysia..., Malaysia is an intoxicating... of places to visit in Malaysia, right.... Malaysia truly is Asia...

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Top Places To Visit 96 Spots

Kuala Lumpur

The sights, sounds and tastes of a cosmopolitan city, and the train ride that took me to Kuala Lumpur.Kuala Lumpur is a common destination among many Singaporeans and for obvious reasons too. Its close by, doesn’t cost a fortune to get there and serves a simple but significant change of environment for a short period of time. The last time I went to KL was in 2009 – so this time when I decided on KL, it was with an open mind hoping to experience some nostalgia.The twist this time around was my believe that a train ride would be a fabulous idea. Here’re the details: taking a train to KL is only an okay idea. If you’re insistent, I suggest taking the Deluxe Sleeper Cabins, where you can control the lighting and air conditioning. To get the Deluxe Sleeper Cabins is extremely tricky. You need to buy the tickets exactly 30 days before the day you’d like to depart, which is when the tickets will be released. If you miss the date, chances are you will have to take a regular sleeper cabin or a seated one. While the 2nd Class Sleeper Cabin allows you to sleep on a mattress (though they didn’t look too comfortable), the premium-seating cabin has 45-degree reclining seats. Here’s what happened: the lights were on all night, the train was freezing and things kept going bump all night.Obviously, you can tell I wasn’t the lucky one who got the deluxe sleeper cabin. Hence, I sat and drifted in and out of sleep repeatedly for the 8 hour journey. The train departed JB Sentral Station at 10.30pm at night arrived in KL Sentral Station at 7am sharp.Day 1


You will find plenty of unique shops, cafes and restaurants (unique apart from a branch of that nasty virulent golden arch chain) and there is big bargain department store (go here especially if you are in need of a new rucksack for the rain forest).

About Malaysia

Small laid back island, perfect to visit over a long weekend

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Malaysia is from December to February


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