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Accra is where tradition meets modernization....

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I'm traveling through all 54 African countries from 2013 to 2017....

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Jamestown is a quiet and picturesque fishing village in old Accra. With clustered houses and dilapidated buildings, this neighborhood in Accra can be easily forgotten if not for the James Fort. Built in 1675 by the British, the fort was used to imprison slaves and has been used as a prison until 2008. Although the place is in a somewhat decay now, it still resonates of the city's past. A walk through the ruins of this old place gives a feel of the past of Accra and the nearby village is as interesting to interact with the locals and watch them go about their daily lives.
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The history of Osu Castle reflects the history of Ghana itself. Previously called the Christiansborg Castle, it was built by the Danish in 1659. It has always remained the seat of the official government of Ghana, pre and post independence. The fort fell into the hands of the Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, the British and finally the Independent Ghana government. The castle was rebuilt various times and therefore, due to various extensions is in an unaligned structure today. The castle is huge and houses around 2100 workers. It is a perfect representation of Ghana's past mixed with its present. It is being heard that soon the President will be shifted to the Golden Jubilee house and the castle will be turned into a museum but nothing concrete has been done yet.
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About Accra

2 days of Marathon meetings and plenary sessions.. with a Chinese dinner on 13th evening. This was a great experience. As soon as the meeting finished on 14th me and David ran towards the airport as we had to catch a flight at 8:30 and we had to report 3 hours prior. The roads were not empty and also not full as we see in India. We took slightly longer to reach the airport. On the way I purchased few Ghanian chocolates "Golden tree" from a roadside vendor. All the Ghanian Cedi I had were supposed to be exchanged at the airport but I me and David were surprised to know that they had just one private exchange stand that too not in the premises. So i waited with our luggage and David exchanged Cedi for both of us. I was relieved. The Kotoka Airport is a small one with only 4 gates. Our flight was from gate 1. I just bought a water bottle from the airport and went to sit near the gate. Although I was hungry nothing seemed tasty on the counters. The flight was late again. So I started with the book sharing a 'made in India' cake and chocolates with David. I encountered 3 Indians who were booked on the same flight. The lobby near the gate was now full and everyone inquired about the flight time. After 1 hour of wait we could board the flight which came from the Freetown Sierra leone. It was nearly 10 pm Ghana time. As soon as I had meal on the flight I shut my eyes to open them before landing at Nairobi, the other day. I was awaiting this day..

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Best time to visit Accra is from July to August


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