Ancash Tourism & Travel Guide

In the heart of the Cordillera Blanca (White Range) and the Cordillera Negra (Black Range) in the Andes is the quaint little town of Yungay (yoongaai), peaceful and quietly sat at 2500 m above sea level, in Ancash province....

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When it comes to travelling to Peru, people tend to make a beeline for Macchu Pichu, often overlooking the fabulous treks in Santa Cruz....

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Top Places To Visit 5 Spots

On the first day, the plan is to visit Churup Lake at 4,450 meters and roughly a 20 Kilometer trek from Huaraz. It makes for an excellent hike to acclimatize you to the Andean mountains. The crystal clear lake has the snow-capped Churup summit as its background, a view worth the climb - which gets a little difficult at times and might leave you a little tired, a tiredness that will be completely alleviated by the lake!
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The fourth day of the trek will have us hiking to higher reaches of the mountains to the Punta Union Pass at 4750 meters, at this height the splendid contrast of a clear blue skies and the white-brown glaciated mountain-tops will seem unreal. Amidst which we will have our picnic lunch. From the pass, we will go down towards Cachinapampa (3600m) in Paria to setup camp for the night.
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