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So as we drove out of Amman, past the Wadi Rum, we headed for the Gulf of Aqaba. Splendid view was an understatement. And what followed was the amazing tour of the Aqaba Castle and Museum. Stepping on the cobbled streets, we were surrounded by the age-old ruins of Aqaba. With Arabic culture and its profound history singing to us stories of its past from every corner, every step took us back to the Byzantine Empire and the Sultanate reigns. Another essence of history was stored at the sight of Ayla, where we were fortunate to visit ancient churches and medieval city walls that have stood with the passage of time. By the end of our visit, we spent a more leisure time basking in the sun at Barracuda Beach and enjoying the privilege of water sports, which made for a truly fun-filled experience. And to count it all off, we went sailing on a half-day trip on a cruise across the Guld of Aqaba, as we snorkelled by the setting sun on the sea and relished middle eastern barbecued delights.

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