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Candles of Hope Baptism Site "Bethany Beyond the Jordan" The Pilgrim Station -Al-Maghtas ruins on the Jordanian side of the Jordan River are the location for the Baptism of Jesus and the ministry of John the Baptist....

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view of the treasury jersah the famous oval roman theatre the beautiful architecture citadel soaking the view the siq crazyyy us !!!...

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Our final stop was the beach! We did the famous Dead Sea mud bath and jumped into the super salty water and floated around. Keep in mind that you shouldn't spend more than 20minutes in the water or you'll burn your skin. I didn't notice any incredible change in my skin quality with the mud pack but the whole experience was quite fun. I think the most incredible thing for me was that I could see Israel literally across the water, a 20minute swim away! The fact that this little country manages to remain mostly safe and peaceful is incredible.Tip 4: Have a drink at the adults only pool at the Crowne Plaza - it's literally like Ibiza on the Dead Sea!This was our last day and the one thing we really wanted to fit in but couldn't was Wadi Rum. But I've saved it for next time. I definitely want to return to this unassumingly beautiful place still fairly off the usual tourist's path.
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The Baptismal Site (Bethany beyond the Jordan), Jordan
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