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Ballari to baindur (424km) :Departure from ballari at 6am. We had packed our bags the previous night and did some finishing touches to the bags n bikes.we were a gang of 6 enthusiastic medical students. The excitement woke us up on time and kept us going on the first day. First stop was for breakfast at hospet. Worth to mention that Breakfast at local hotels are cheap yet tasty. Thereafter route from yellapur to ankola was one of the best routes we've encountered, its got long wide curves at every corner and Most of this route to baindur has some towns. So, it gets busy and travelling becomes slow.. But still We managed to reach baindur by 6.30pm, just in time for sunset. There We Stayed at a forest officer guest house. Imagine a cottage with a stunning view of the sea and backwaters, in the middle of a forest! Sunrise here was pure bliss! Theres even a private beach nearby filled with coves and rocks. The whole area was almost serene .With the local restaurant serving great seafood, just made my day even better. Fish fry and curry are a must -taste!Tip: carry water and stay hydrated. The weather gets really hot in some areas

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