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10 things to hate about Bogotá

I recently saw an article on Bogotá in the Financial Times about what an awesome place i...

Chris Allbritton
6 Days
Streets and Scenes of Bogota

Colombia. Drugs. Violence. Guerrillas. Death. Corruption. There is a common misconception w...

Cristina Luisa
The truth about Bogota and why I fell in love with it

What comes to mind with the first mention of Colombia: Drug lords and crime, murders, kidnappings...

Neha Bhuchar
10 things to love about Bogotá

Kindness: I have often been surprised by the kindness and decency of strangers in this city that ...

Chris Allbritton
Colombia: My First Impulsive Travel Decision Leads to Paradise

Traveling to Isla Tintipan in the San Bernardo Islands.I have always been the type of person who ...


Bogota, Colombia is one of Latin Americas up and coming cities, for both tourists and businesses....

Anny Wooldridge

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