Chitrakoot Tourism & Travel Guide

Chitrakoot Falls: India's Answer To The Niagara Falls That Deserves Your Kind Attention

Skim through any mid-school geography books and Chitrakoot Falls finds a mention as the 'Niagara ...

Disha Kapkoti
1 Day
Of Ganesh Bagh, Devangana and the forgotten history of Chitrakoot

Till 1997, the district now known as Chitrakoot formed part of Banda district and since the very ...

SH Verma
1 Day
Chitrakoot – Far from the madding crowd

On 4th Sept' 15 morning sitting in my office and surfing internet to find a place to hang out on ...

Anirban Deb
1 Day
Backpacking to Chitrakoot,UP

We group of 5 people packed our bags and took a Innova on rent.Its very good experience to go wit...

Amitabh Songara
8 Last Minute Long-Weekend Vacation Ideas From Delhi

Who says you have to plan for months in advance to have the time of your life. That's the wonderf...

Sreshti Verma

Kamadgiri Temple
Kamadgiri Hill, Chitrakoot
Kamtaji Temple
Kamatgiri, Chitrakoot
Sita Rasoi
Hanuman Dhaara Temple, Chitrakoot 485334
Ganesh Bagh
Near Siddhapur, Southeast of Karwi town, Chitrakoot
Sphatik Shila
Mandakini River, Near Janaki Kund, Chitrakoot
Bharat Milap Mandir
Kamdagiri Hills, Near Param Kutir, Chitrakoot

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About Chitrakoot

This government guesthouse has a direct view of Chitrakoot falls and the view is breathtaking. You wake up to the crashing sound of the waterfall and you sleep in that chaotic mess with the sound of the waterfall but learn to find peace in that loud sound. The sound is not really disturbing even at night, but you can be comfortable in it and sleep well, it is that commanding sounds which forces calm into your life. It is a dreamy paradise.

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