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. Besides you have East lake,  Hubei province...

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We all love to visit the local Chinese restaurant in town for a good meal or maybe we shop in the Chinatown district of one of our major cities...

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Top Places To Visit 3 Spots

Quán Ăn Ngon

$2 to $5 This restaurant seems too good to be true. The enormous menu features Vietnamese specialties from all over the country in an open, airy, beautiful space and it costs next to nothing. Different cooking stations line the restaurant so you can walk around the perimeter for a food tour of Vietnam. My favorite dishes I tried here were the green papaya salad and the ban xeo (crispy fried crepe stuffed with shrimp, pork, and bean sprouts served with rice paper, fresh herbs, and lettuce).
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Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam If you are in for a little excitement and a view from high up above then it the Three Gorges Dam is a stop that you will thoroughly enjoy. Though the Yangtze River flooded several years ago the Three Gorges Dam boasts as the largest hydroelectric dam in the entire world. It supplies China with over 10% of its power and is growing quickly. You'll see the Yangtze River as it flows through the massive structure and filters into the gorge below. You can even opt to take a ferry ride for a different view of the Three Gorges Dam.
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