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We spent the last few days making our way to the Zhangjiajie National park (China) and explored the famous mountains of Pandora....

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Starting off at Beijing, we made our way to Changsha and from there to Zhangjiajie National Park, or its recent famous name – Hallelujah Mountains of the Avatar-fame, in the Hunan Province....

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Day 6 [Feb 14, 2016] The vibe is absolutely different to visit the Phoenix Ancient City in the day, which you get to see the other side of this ancient city - serenity. I took a traditional boat ride powered by manpower, along the beautiful Tuojiang River to see traditional stilt houses that are built along the river. With a picturesque village like this, everyone can be a good photographer. Haha. Tips: Highly recommended to go before modernisation destroys the simplicity and serenity here. It is definitely an experience of a lifetime for me. In order to avoid super heavy traffic congestion, the coach driver and our tour guide decided to take an alternative route to go back to Changde. The freeway was built by the Hunan State government, to avoid heavy traffic congestion. And turned out, it's the best idea ever! Haha!
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Day 1 [Feb 9, 2016] The tour continued to Changde after a quick lunch in Shaoshan. It was around 2 - 3hrs drive via the freeway but traffic was pretty congested so I don't really remember how long it took for our coach to reach Changde. After a heavy dinner, it was a really good idea to do a night tour to the Changde Poetry Wall. Due to severe flood issue in the past, a 3km flood wall was built along the Yuan River downtown. This wall was covered in a variety of poems mostly from the ancient China. The wall holds the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest wall with engraved arts. Before leaving the park, I saw the local releasing Hung Ming Lantern to the sky, symbolising good luck in the new year.
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