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Our one year travel across South America started with this question- "What would you do if you would have all the freedom in the world?" I answered...

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Top Places To Visit 3 Spots

Nazca Lines

Within an hour after booking our flight over the Nazca lines we already boarded a little cessna to fly over the desert and spot the mysterious figures referred to as the Nazca Lines. The lines depict among others a monkey, a whale, hummingbirds, a human figure and a spider. Ever since their discovery a lot of speculations and theories have been developed regarding their creation and the reason for their existence. Some scholars believe that they have been created around 400-650 A D and that due to the dry climate and the isolation of the place, the lines have been preserved till today. From religious significance to irrigation schemes to giant maps, everything has been proposed but not much is proved to be true. Everything said, they make an impressive sight.
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Chauchilla Cemetery

You should visit the Chauchilla necropolis when you visit Nazca for the famous Nazca lines in Peru. Take a taxi from town and stay a little longer than the usual 30mins. This is the only place where you will get to see mummies exposed in their natural graves. In this very dry flat sandy desert plains lies scattered with exposed skeltons and burial artifacts. If you stared out into the dry sandy desert, you could make out femurs and fingers phalanges, part of the cranium exposed on the surface. This whole nercropolis is huge and I could only visit a part of it as the rest were protected. It is just intriguing to see these tombs of the Nazca people, many skeletons still have well preserved long hair and skin out in the open sun after few thousand years.
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