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About BaliBali is not your ordinary destination – it’s more than the beaches, the temples, the fo...

Nik Rielo
Bali 101
Bali 101

There's just something about the word BALI in itself that will make you want to drop everything a...

charu rawat
13 Days
Bali, it is!!
Bali, it is!!

We 2 :)Stonehenge eh!!!!KL Bird ParkScarlet IbisAmerican Yellow FinchNeed I say more??Balinese di...

Samyak Mishra
A Luxuriously Affordable Honeymoon In Bali

Image Courtesy:baliwww.comImage Courtesy: allseminyakvillas.comMount BaturCoffee tasting at plant...

Rajvi Bhow
Surfing the waves of South Bali and Kicking back in Kuta!

After a blissful few days in Ubud , I headed down to the more "happening" part of Bali (perhaps t...

charu rawat
9 Days
A Retreat To Bali, Indonesia

Rafting On The Ayung RiverLake BaturPura Basakih TempleBali is a place for healing. It’s for embr...


About Jimbaran

There are many tiny beaches with in Jimbaran that are only known to locals and you can get there if you take the help of locals. We went to one such beach on the other side of the Tanjung and it was secluded with no one on the beach except for my husband and me.Bali is a place to explore. We had an amazing time exploring this treasure. Spend less time on the regular tourist spots and try exploring new places. All the roads are clean and green if you drive outside the city and almost at the end of every road, there will be a hidden treasure.Bali is a treat for your eyes and is a lovely place to understand the Indonesian culture and tradition. Every piece of architecture has its own story. There are many mesmerizing beaches and is a must visit for divers and snorkelers to explore the sea life. Not to forget, this place is a home for food lovers too.

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