Top Reasons to Visit Maui

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Maui Beach
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Scenic vistas of Road to Hana
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Crystal Clear Blue Water
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Mai Tais
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Ululani’s Hawaiin Shave Ice
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I have recently been to Maui and I will admit that I am suffering from acute case of Maui nostalgia. Well who will not? Specially if you are anywhere near east coast of USA at this time of year. I am sure after reading my post those who have been to Maui will get drawn to their nostalgia and those who have not been there even once ,will start planning their trip.

Maui or as local says “Maui no Ka oi” is known to be an international favorite for vacation destination and why not?? The island’s lush green valleys, miles of picture perfect beaches, volcanic landscapes , rich history, world class water activities and top notch amenities make it special for everyone and anyone of any age. For adventure seekers, Maui is ground zero for active water sports. For sun tan seekers there are miles of beaches and seaside resorts. For food connoisseurs Maui is food heaven (there are special Food tours that present a blend of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino and Hawaiian cuisines) And if you are still not convinced , Maui has countless activities like whale watching, seaside wine and dine, scenic drives and golf courses that will keep you sedated for long time.

So without further ado ,here are the top reasons to visit Maui.

Maui Weather

Like any other tropical place, the temperature in Maui doesn’t vary much year round. The avg daytime temperature at a beach will fluctuate between 85 Degrees (F) and 75 degrees (F) in summer and winter seasons. That being said Maui in itself is full of micro climates thanks to its diverse geography. It can be hot and dry at beaches, sticky and rainy while driving to Hana and unbelievable chilly at the top of Halakeala which is 10,000 feet above the sea level.


Maui has every beach that you might have dreamt off. From narrow strips of volcanic black sand to palm lined waterfronts with dramatic jungle backdrops, Maui beaches have that innate quality of sending you in state of tranquility.

National Park above the clouds, Haleakala

If you want to see the largest dormant volcano in the world, look no further , it is in Maui. Mt. Haleakala towers 10,023 feet high and its landscape will give you a feeling of being on some other planet all together. Venturing to Haleakala is one of the most popular attractions and watching sun rise at mount summit above the clouds is something you will never ever forget.

Road to Hana

Nothing beats the scenic vistas of Road to Hana. So if you are up for rewarding yourself with beautiful scenery and breathtaking views all you need  is a camera , best of driving skills and a dramamine. Why dramamine??? Well this 64 miles long highway has  about 620 curves which will get on to you sooner or later. But trust me its rewarding 

Sunrises and Sunsets

Experiencing Maui’s sunrise and sunset is a moving experience in itself. What’s more beautiful than sunset on the beach. The time comes to a complete stand still watching the ball of fire immersing  in Ocean water. And For sunrise, the summit of Haleakala is undeniably the best place.

Water Activities

If you are not a complete beach bum, Maui has a lot of water activities to keep you entertained. Fishing , Surfing, Diving, Snorkeling and sailing all in crystal clear blue waters is something definitely you would like to give a chance.

Best Mai Tais

What makes Maui a true tropical oasis is its Mai Tais. Imagine relaxing on the beach, watching sun go down in ocean while you enjoy a sip from your Mai Tai, I tell you its purely magical. And if you are ever near Kihei at sunset try Mai Tai at Four Seasons ,Kihei –  hands down the best Mai Tai I have ever had.

Best Shaved Ice

Making shave ice is an art which people at Maui have perfected for sure. And trust me its nothing like snow cones that you get in US.  If you are in Maui don’t forget to try Ululani’s Hawaiin Shave Ice.

People and Culture

What makes Maui so special is the amazing mix of people. While the island has groups of people from around the world including Caucasians, Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Hispanic/Latinos, they have one thing in common and that is “Aloha Spirit”. Their smiles will win your heart and they truly know how to welcome visitors to their island.

There is something about Maui that is totally divine. It is undoubtedly one of the most versatile place I have ever been to in every sense. It is such a small place yet there is  so much to see, do and experience that makes it totally unforgettable. And I hope I gave you enough reasons for adding Maui to your bucket list. Do leave a comment and let me know what is that one thing that makes a place as your next travel destination. Also I would love to know your experiences in Maui . Thank you for stopping by.