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Upon my arrival to Milan, Duomo di Milano was my first stop....

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The financial capital of Italy, which also serves as a capital of the Lombardy region, Milan is like a fancier version of Mumbai sans the sea of course....

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Piazza del Duomo, 20123 Milan
Standing tall beside the Duomo without getting overshadowed by it, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is the oldest shopping arcade in the world. The octagonal structure with its characteristic glass dome is a sight to see and houses all major fashion brands - think of Prada, Valentino, Versace, Moschino among others, you have them all. Owing to the many end of season sales, I came back home with several fancy shirts and dresses and I certainly was one happy girl. If you are a bigger shopaholic than I am, the Quadrilatero d'oro, or the Golden Quadrilateral, which is about 850 metres from the Galleria, is just the right place for you because it is possibly the most celebrated shopping district in the world, reflecting the true essence of Milan. Getting there: Buses, trams and the metro connect all major spots in and around Milan and the tickets come for nominal amounts. The closest station to the Galleria is 'Duomo' (about 50 metres) which serves Line 1 and 3 of the Milan metro and one can buy tickets at the station itself for 1.5 Euros.
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When I was flying to Milan I had to literally pinch myself to believe, that I am going to a foreign land all by myself and living my dream.It was around 11.30 pm when I landed in Milan and divulged myself with some serious pep up talks because I felt a tad bit lost.Amidst all the battles in my head, I saw a young woman walking towards the train station and befriended her. To my surprise, she was warm and very helpful. She expressed, “I will come with you till the hostel and grab a drink. I am very upset coz my best friend has moved to another city.” And that’s how her melancholy saved me the despair of finding my way.The walk towards the hostel was fascinating as all I saw around me were stores thriving to get my attention and at the end of the long stretch was the hostel — Ostello Bello.The moment I set my foot in the hostel, it seemed like I have entered a high-octane resto-pub. The place played electrifying music and I could hear tons of chitter-patter with copious amount of laughter coming from every corner.Amidst all the initial formalities of checking-in, my eyes were searching for my friend (Sigh! Struggling to remember her name). That’s when Helder (from the front desk) said, “Hey! Your friend just went and left you a kiss,” and I couldn’t do much but smile and thank her from all my heart. The ‘happy’ me chit chatted for a while with everyone before calling it a night.

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Best time to visit Milan is from March to July

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