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Every October, China shuts down most institutions for a week-long fall holiday, more or less the Chinese version of "Thanksgiving Break."...

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At this point, I've visited: Anyang Xinyang Nanyang Pingdingshan Zhoukou Zhumadian Zhengzhou Xinzheng Kaifeng Luoyang and more!...

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Xixia, Nanyang, Henan, China
This is one of the locations for the head-waters of the Yellow River, so we went mountain hiking! We met at the foot of the big mountain and rode a shuttle bus upwards a little ways. Then we were given two options ~ hike the mountain yourself or ride a cable car up about half-way for 50 RMB both ways. Some of our group took the cable car, but my family and some of the rest decided to walk it. The stairs were steep, but the scenery was gorgeous. After sitting in a bus for 7 hours (our 2.5 hour trip took a lot longer due to rain and getting incredibly lost about 5 times), you have no idea how nice it was just to stretch our legs. Only a couple people made it to the top, but it was too foggy to see much of a view there. For those of us who went only part way, we got to follow a long hand-directed waterfall railing thing where they channeled water down from the top of the mountain. If you went about 1/3 of the way up the mountain, you could catch a long granite slide that went about 1/2 back downhill again. It made for a ton of laughs :)
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Nanyang, Henan, China
We just stopped at a random little restaurant on the way from the Dragon Pool Valley Scenic Area. There are a lot of restaurants nearby the entrance to that park, and our tour guide had picked a random one to make a reservation at. It had enough room for us. The food actually wasn't that good. Our table had another chicken head (beak and wobbley chin thing included), while another got a rabbit head. Some of us were a little sick later :(
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