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The capital of Pennsylvania... of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg... the list, Pennsylvania Capitol... of Pennsylvania: A three story...

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Top Places To Visit 10 Spots

Belém Tower

This is one of the hidden spots near torre de belem. It is the place which luckily tourists haven't spotted and because of that it remains peaceful and serene. It is kind off unreal to be honest!
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1.Cave of crystals

The cave of crystals is in Chihuahua Mexico and is connected to the Naica Mines. It houses numerous gigantic crystals. The largest crystal ever found here is 12 metre in length and 4 metre in diameter. The temperature within the cave is extremely hot as a result of which most of it remains unexplored. The mining company’s pumping action keep the cavern clear of water, hence, accessible. The crystals deteriorate in air and so talks are on the way that the cave will eventually be resealed and water level allowed to rise.
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