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North Korea is a place that's seldom mentioned in connection with tourism....

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If you prefer a city run, enter the most elusive country, North Korea and run through Pyongyang....

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Top Places To Visit in Pyongyang 35 Spots

Pyongyang, North Korea
Kim Il Sung decided to build an Arch of Triumph like the one in Paris. But something like 3m higher. Take that, French.
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About Pyongyang

Once a year inside the Hermit Kingdom, the government of North Korea opens up it’s doors, if only slightly, for foreigners to come in and run Pyongyang city. While you may get a false glimpse of what life is like north of the border it’s something to say you’ve stepped over into this mysterious nation. Of course, expect changes from the advertised route and tight regulations within the country. There’s a lot of fine print on their official website and even the dates of the event are subject to change last minute as per the demands of the Eternal General Secretary of the Party, Kim Jong-Il.

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