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About Rincón - Sucre

There are only a handful of guesthouses in this mostly un-touristed and tiny fishing village. I highly recommend staying in Mamallena Hostel, Rincon del Mar. The manager was friendly and helpful, the rooms are basic but comfortable, and the price is great. Plus the hostel is directly in front of the water, with it's own common hangout area on the beach.This town was one place I have felt truly out of my comfort zone. Locals are not used to tourists so it feels very different from other tourist destinations. It was amazing to see a little village operating as it would have decades ago, not catering to the whims of travelers. However, once you make an effort with locals, they’re friendly to you as well. The kids run around all day, ask you your name curiously, and play games on the beach.

Best Time To Visit Rincón - Sucre

Best time to visit Rincón - Sucre is from April to September

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