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Riyadh Gallery Mall Water park inside Riyadh Gallery Mall (Image Source : Google) This three level shopping mall is one of the most popular malls in Riyadh....

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a destination where none of us would travel for leisure....

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King Fahd Rd, King Fahd, 262, Riyadh 12262, Saudi Arabia، King Fahd, Riyadh 12262, Saudi Arabia
Riyadh Gallery Mall
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About Riyadh

TrafficTraffic is smooth in most parts of the city but traffic rules are strict here. Taxis are available everywhere but If you are going to ride your own vehicle, you have to be careful. Most local people are rich and have their own cars. youngster ride cars not bikes, surprising right?. Expecting to see any bicycle on the road is no less than any dream. Through in old city area (i.e. Batha) you can spot one. Cameras are installed by roadside, so mind your speed limit when you pass by otherwise you may have to visit a police station and that might not be a healthy affair.Taxi

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