Scottish Borders Tourism & Travel Guide

The Border Abbeys

From a blog entry in September 2013: Over the weekend, I went to the Border Abbeys, simply ...

2 Days
Get to know the vibrant Scottish City of Glasgow

In two long years I fell in love with the Scottish city for many reasons that made this city my h...

Aditi Jana
5 Days
5 days, 700 mi - Smitten by the Scottish Highlands

3rd Aug Although 'Edinburgh' the capital isn't technically part of the 'Scottish Highlands', its...

Harita Vinnakota
The Lovely Scottish Highlands

In my opinion, a trip to Scotland is incomplete without visiting the Scottish Highlands. Most peo...

Neha Saxena
Snow And Everything: The True Scottish Experience

While it’s horrible to travel during snow fiascoes and be hauled up in airports unsure of w...

Saanya Gulati
5 Days
Scotland, the highlands!

Imagine your routine life in one of the cities of Northern England. Biting cold, uncanny rains, f...


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