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Vanuatu is your archetypal paradisiacal tropical island that is not too overrun by tourists....

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Top Places To Visit 2 Spots

Erakor Island Resort

It was time to change hotels over to the Erakor Island Resort for the remainder of my stay. As we got closer and closer to the island I was blown away by how beautiful the resort was. I felt like I’d stepped out of the boat to a remote tropical paradise. The resort encompasses the entire island so it’s about as private as a hotel gets, yet within easy access of the main island by 24-hour jetty. Remote…yet connected. I was quickly checked in and shown to my spa waterfront bungalow. It was absolutely beautiful with a big jacuzzi tub and a lovely deck right on the water. The only problem (for me) was that it wasn’t air conditioned and I wondered if I’d be able to sleep (I was, but not especially well). After settling in, I changed into my swimsuit, grabbed my book and headed right back to the island’s main beach where I took advantage of the rest of the afternoon to just relax and swim in the water with the island’s hundreds of resident starfish. I had a full day planned for the next day and wanted the rest of the day to just enjoy doing nothing on Vanuatu.
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Hideaway Island

9. Post a letter – Vanuatu has the worlds only Underwater Post Office. It is situated within the Hideaway Island waters and is in approximately 3 metres of water. It is close enough to be able to swim out to, duck dive down and post a special “waterproof postcards.
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