Sicily Tourism & Travel Guide

16 Days
10 Must See Places in Sicily

Yes you’ve guessed it! I have just returned from another annual summer holiday to Sicily. A...

Samantha Hussey
1 Day
Erice: Venus lives in Sicily

On the highest top a medieval village rises among bristly towers. It is the small village of Eric...

The 8 Most Accessible International Holidays For Travellers With Disabilities   

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Himani Khatreja
22 Days
Italian City Countdown

So there are many things to do in Italy. But there are many things that you will never be told th...

Magandeep Singh
21 Days
Red-eye to Rome
Red-eye to Rome

~~What’s that they call it, the Butterfly effect? An infinitesimal occurrence with incommen...

Kurian Joseph
7 Days
The Sicilian Chronicles

The Sicilian Chronicles encompasses about a journey of 7 friends into the amazing island in the M...

Agnirudra Sikdar

About Sicily

This is a beautiful island and the Arabic influences just can’t be omitted. It is also not a small island so you will need time to get around it. Given the road conditions in parts, multiply that by a factor of 1.5 for route time. They are NOT as bad drivers as the Italians from the north will make you believe, the people are not uncouth or savage compared to the north, ad the mafia is definitely not waiting to slaughter you, you are not that important, or dangerous, get over it. Definitely do Menfi for the coasts; they have a nice beach run all the way to Sceccia. In the north the beaches are also nice (near Palermo) but far if you are this side or the island. The West is mostly rocky so save the beach time for here. An earthquake destroyed most of the city (circa 1960’s) so most you see was reconstructed albeit to look like the old times.

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