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Marhi to Sissu 10235 ft via Rohtang La 13050 ft, 50 km- The 16 km climb to Rohtang La was more fun than hard work. We came across what looked like a slab of white rock but turned out to be a remnant of the snowfall of the previous winters. There’s a temple of Rishi Vyas which marks the origin of the Beas River a little before Rohtang which is a popular stop over for tourists. The first few kilometers of the climb down from Rohtang were both exhilarating and unsettling at the same time. The speed was exhilarating but the steep falls on one side and the hairpin bends were sometimes unsettling. But all that was for the first few kilometers, after that the road vanished and a kachcha track started that didn’t allow any great speeds. This continued up to Koksar from where the roads showed up again and there’s a rolling terrain alongside the Chandra River up to Sissu.

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