10 Things That You Can Do In Peru, Besides Machu Pichu

I sat there waiting for the curtain of mist to draw away, so I could get that one picture of the ...

Neha Bhuchar

Wazuriri Expeditions
Plaza de Armas, Tarapoto
Catarata de Huacamaillo
Al borde del Rio Cumbayo, Tarapoto
Centro de Rescate
Jiron Prolongacion Alerta km 2.5, Sector Bocatoma del Shilcayo, Tarapoto

Discover the Chachapoyas fortress: Peruvian history is full of secrets waiting to be discovered. About 1200 kms north of Lima, is a place called Chachapoyas, which once hosted a civilization of the same name. This beautiful little town is overlooked by an ancient fortress: no swarming tourists, no long waiting lines, no crazy-high entrance fee. If you are coming here after visiting Machu Pichu, you will be able to identify the differences and similarities between the two cultures.

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