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Australia’s southernmost region, Tasmania is popular for its biodiversity. But another aspect of this ruggedly-beautiful island that deserves the world's attention is how wheelchair-friendly it is. An organisation called Paraquad Association of Tasmania has been working very hard for the past several years to make sure disabled travellers have access to the natural beauty and services on the island. Their Wheelie Good Guide provides information on accessible accommodation, restaurants and tourist attractions on the island state. There's a bunch of activities disabled individuals can enjoy in Tasmania today, such as cable-hang gliding at Tahune Airwalk, having wildlife encounters at its various animal sanctuaries and a breathtaking wheelchair-accessible walk to Russell Falls.Handy tips:• Most restaurants, attractions and stores will be wheelchair-accessible. In case the entrance has steps, there will usually be a sign directing you to the side for access• Accessible vans are available for rent, but this should be done well in advance, because they get booked out early• Spirit of Tasmania offers accessible cabins with fully-adapted showers in cruises• Tasmania's National Parks has many accessible trails. Find complete information on them here• Domaine A Stoney Vineyard is fully-equipped to deal with the needs of differently-abled individuals

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Best time to visit Tasmania is from April to October

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