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Tasmania has always been a place i want to go eversince i've been to down under ~ Because I'm wondering what does Tassie has to offer ~Spring in Tasmania, a season of transition with the sea breezecoming into the coast, its cooling!...

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If you do not have access to a vehicle (although is there any other way to see Tasmania?)...

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Just under 200 miles south of the Australian mainland, the country’s only island state - nicknamed “Tassie” - has a unique and compelling history. My visit to the island of Tasmania included Freycinet National Park, a hike up to the Wineglass Bay overlook and two nights in the charming town of Hobart. For a one-day trip, I really had two options: the Port Arthur Historic site where I could delve into Tassie’s troubled history or Freycinet National Park, one of the island’s most spectacular natural wonders. Deciding I wanted my brief visit to focus on the natural scenic beauty of Tasmania more than its history, I opted for the park. The peninsula is home to abundant wildlife including road-crossing marsupials and a large variety of birds. In addition to numerous camp sites, there are dozens of hikes available ranging from short 10-minute walks to a lookout point to full day or overnight hikes with camping. One of the most popular hikes is up to the lookout point for the perfect arc of white sand known as Wineglass Bay. I thoroughly enjoyed my 24 hours in Tasmania and I can definitely see why it’s been referred to as “Dazzlin’ Tassie.” There’s plenty to do here to fill an entire week and I’d love to return someday and see more of the eastern coastline and especially to explore the convict trail and Port Arthur. So much history amongst all that natural beauty.
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From there, head towards Cradle Mountain. There are a few different hikes you can take, depending on your level of fitness and the amount of time you’re able to commit. If you’ve got a full day, hike to the summit. You’d better be pretty limber and prepared to climb vertical rock walls. If it’s cloudy at the beginning of the hike, no worries. Expect the clouds to hover at eye-level and lift by the time you reach the summit.
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