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After exploring Dategad to our heart's content, we came back to our vehicle and had lunch. As it was 2 PM already, we had a question, that if we would be able to complete Vasantgad before sun goes down. According to the villager we met at Morgiri, it will require more than 1 hour to ascend Vasantgad. Hurriedly we had lunch and started towards Vasantgad. For Vasantgad, you need to come back to Patan and ply toward Karad on Karad Chiplun Highway. Sakurdi is the base village of Vasantgad, which is 27 kms from Patan. As soon as you see Sakurdi board on the highway, ask for directions and by taking a prominent left you can see Vasantgad standing tall and high in front of you. As it rained last night, the road was mushy, we took our car as far as we could and then parked it besides a field. We took a small boy from the village, who was only to assist us and show the initial direction to go towards the fort. There are two approaches to Vasantgad, one from sakurdi on karad chiplun highway and other from Talbid village (Village of Senapati Hambirrao Mohite) which is bit offset from Pune Bangalore Highway. Both the approaches are equal in effort and it requires not more than 45 mins at constant pace to reach the top (we did it in 35 mins, yo !!). The fort is huge in expanse as you can see from Sakurdi. Entrance of the fort is nicely carved in rock and has a small Ganpati temple. Exactly in the middle of the fort there is Chandrasen Temple (suppose to be son of Shurpanakha in Ramayana). Fort boundary wall is still intact and strong, you can take a walk on it. You can see lot of remnants which are indication of house structures which were there on the fort few hundred years back. Chor Darwaza, two small lakes and a old grinding stone are some of the things you must see on this fort.

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