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Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh is believed to have been visited by Lord Rama and his foot impressions are still there to prove it. They have been named Charan Teerth and are situated at the Betwa ghat. Vidisha has found mention in the Pali scriptures, and today it is famed for its valued heritage and the presence of ancient sculptures. The Udayagiri caves here are worth a visit. A cluster of about 12 caves, some dating back to 400 AD, this place is secluded and often overshadowed by other imposing sites. Many of the caves are engraved with Hindu religious scenes. You can pay a quick visit to the Heliodorus Pillar that holds valuable historical records in the form of engravings. It stands as a monolithic column and bears testimony to the cross-cultural exchanges during the 2nd century BC. Towards the east of Vidisha are the ruins of Bija Mandal, a beautiful 11th-century temple dedicated to goddess Vijaya. It was destroyed by Aurangzeb and a mosque was erected in its place. The unending number of religious sites feature the temples of Maladevi, Bajramath, Girdhari and Gadarmal. At the heart of the city is Lohangi Pir, a small hillock providing a sweeping view of the town. Travellers who are interested in history and architectures should not miss this humble town.

Trips and Itineraries for Vidisha

6 Days
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Abhishek Patel

Top Places To Visit in Vidisha

Udayagiri Caves
Near Vidisha Centre, Vidisha
The reign of the Mauryan hero Chandragupta during 375 to 415 CE saw the construction of the famous Udaygiri Caves. These...
Bajramath Temple
Gyaraspur Tehsil, Vidisha
Gadarmal Temple
Badoh-Pathari, Vidisha
Udayeshwara Temple
Udaipur Village, Basoda Tehsil, Vidisha

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Weekend Getaways from Vidisha

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