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The four of us started on a Friday morning in an RV to explore and enjoy the wilderness of Yellowstone, world's first national park....

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The fee is $25 for each of the national parks and $80 for a yearly pass to all US national parks....

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Day 7: Jackson Hole, WY through Yellowstone National Park — The place I was eagerly waiting for has finally arrived. Although only 20% of the park was open it was enough to get me excited and it did not fail to deliver.
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Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190, USA
The hike starts with a hill to the left and plains to the right (or should I say wetlands). Much of the trail itself was a sort of rudimentary stream, shallow and crystal clear with a pebble bottom. Because of this you spend most of the first part of the hike walking in mushy grass and avoiding bison dung. All along the trail were a single pair of bison prints, possible some lone male in search of greener pastures. Occasionally we would see wolf scat,wolf prints and at least one large blackbear print. The ground was also littered with obsidian, starting with a huge glimmering boulder of pure obsidian sticking out of the trail, later with an even larger one in the field, and from then on, obsidian shards riddle the trail and ground all the way to the lake. After hiking about a mile or 2 in, we came to a creek, swollen and white, though not too deep or fast to cross. We were dedicated to continuing our hike so we found the most narrow part we could, about 50 yards south of the trail, and “jumped” across. Naturally being too wide to actually jump, we just ended up mostly soaked and were now apparently on an island with another larger creek still to cross. We walked back up the island towards the trail till we found a log and walked across that precariously, of course having take photos of our “daring” moment. From then on the hike was mostly up and down small hills, rocky and open with random small trees and signs of animals
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