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7 Days
Mystic Bali & Yogyakarta

Kuta StreetKuta BeachArtist getting ready for Kadac DanceKadac dance at Uluvatu templePrambhanan ...

Shine P
Solo Tripping @Yogyakarta

It started with a business trip to Indonesia. But that is not always how I look at every single t...

1 Day
60 Hours in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I had this conversation with a friend a year ago about temples and how I enjoyed my trip in Cambo...

11 Days
Enough with Bali. There are 18,000 other islands in Indonesia and they are equally gorgeous!

Yes. Bali is stunning. There's nowhere quite like it. The temples, the paddy fields, the beaches,...

Trisha Singh
My first trip overseas: why I loved and hated it (yep!)

If you're in your late twenties (oh lord!), with a Facebook feed that only serves to remind you o...

tanya .

Surabaya means – The courage to face the any danger or any difficulties. This spirit makes the city what it is today. Wi...
(One usually does not find a lot of information on Mount Semeru on the internet and one reason I chose to write this blo...
We flew into Solo the night before, and started the first day's activities first thing in the morning. The candis (templ...
Lots of wild beaches, small islands. If you were ever interested to live on an uninhabited island, then this is the rig...

About Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta pronounced as "Jogja" is a quiet city located in central Java and is the celebrated cultural capital known for its heritage, batik prints and fine arts. I booked myself on a 3.30 am ride to Borobudur to catch the sunrise which was nothing short of spectacular. The 8th century UNESCO protected structure with its openwork stupas is considered to be the biggest Buddhist temple in the world and absolutely stunning at sunrise.

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