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Zanzibar is a life time experience, swim with the turtles, visit the heritage stone town, more towards the North which is Nungwi island, lastly take a 30min ride from Zanzibar island to Prison Island....

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Stone Town, Zanzibar Town, Tanzania
It was our last day at Zanzibar and today we planned to explore the Ancient stone town, the narrow and winding alleys, historical and antique structures and market of stone town, rather than taking a guide we thought of doing it ourselves and trust me it was much fun doing it on your own, we did get lost (everybody does) in the confusing alleys of stone town but don't worry, you'll come out from the cool, shady lanes into the blinding sunlight of the seafront eventually, you'll find something of interest around every corner of Stone Town. We found few good restaurants and had some really good food and yes did a little bit of local shopping too. Things to see in stone town are House of Wonder, Fort, the old hamam, Spice market, Salve Market etc not only this but Stone town is full of old structure and antique windows and doors where ever you see, No one single attraction can beat an afternoon strolling through the narrow streets and zigzag lanes of ancient Stone Town, it was a wonderful 3 hours historical walk, later we ended up in Hyatt hotel Sea Side Restaurant to have some chilled beer in the scorching heat, awesome place to have a relaxing time.
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It is one of the most beautiful shacks, with a great location and an awesome aura. The music is good and the crowd is peaceful. Enjoyed the food and drinks served! Spent a quality evening sitting at the bar enjoying the sunset and the waves!

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Best time to visit Zanzibar is from June to September

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