Zhejiang Tourism & Travel Guide

For those who may not have heard of this grand ancient city which is just an hour’s train ride from Shanghai, it was actually named as ‘the most splendid city in the world’ by Marco Polo more than eight centuries ago....

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Once the capital of China (during the Song Dynasty) today it’s the capital of the Zhejiang province....

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Top Places To Visit 17 Spots

7. West lake West Lake is present in Hangzhou. And this place is known as paradise in China contributing to the beautiful scenario. It is a place of serenity i.e. one can see the beautiful surroundings and enjoy in peace here. There are many mountains surrounding the place. There is also the presence of Chinese style bridges that are in arch shaped along with trees lined near the walkway which add a different character to the place. To view the magnificence of the entire place visitors can take bike rides or walks around the lakes or even book a short cruise for your family.
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The guardian of the Mona Lisa and many other famous paintings is the Louvre. This museum is huge and by huge i mean you need atleast 3 to 4 hours to cover it. The Mona Lisa was smaller than i expected but none the less this museum is a must visit as Paris is incomplete without it.
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