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Top Places To Visit 2 Spots

Dragon Pool Valley Scenic Area

Dragon Pool Valley Scenic Area is a giant park where you can clime up the mountain and follow a series of waterfalls as they carve their way down to the bottom below. The waterfalls are gorgeous, as are the little pools and creeks in between. Many vendors along the path were selling swimming wear, nets to catch the little minnows, and yummy food. Most people make a day out of it! The hiking was great for exercise, but not as intense as the day before.
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Danyuan Hotel

After the Mountain, we checked into the Danyuan Hotel, a 5***** hotel about 45 minutes away. I can't find it online, but the Telephone number was 0377-6992-1866. If you're interested, have a Chinese speaker make the reservation. Food was okay, we ate supper there. They didn't serve any drinks which was a little annoying, but we brought in some drinks from outside. Food was standard Chinese fair. I also ate breakfast here, and it was here that my bowl had the dead mosquito dried on. Room wasn't too bad actually. Good bed, warm water. It was actually one of the nicest rooms we stayed in, barring the fact that there was no real view.
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