#1 Family Tour to Maldives for INR 42,000 

29th Dec 2018
Photo of #1 Family Tour to Maldives for INR 42,000 by Rajendra Das

Why we selected Maldives as our new year destination?

We got our son (Ayaan) on 4th January 2018 so it was the 1st birthday for Ayaan on 4th Jan so we thought of planning a holiday so that we can celebrate the new year and Ayaan birthday at a interesting destination. We thought of few hill station like #Manali and #Auli but our boy was below a year old so bearing the December cold weather would have been difficult for him. Coming back to the beach destination #Goa was something like we knew all the streets around as we been to Goa 4 times. Mind gave a option towards #Thailand, but being #December it would be too crowded and we were looking for a calm and quite destination. I have a regular habit of surfing travel app on my phone, suddenly I caught airfare of #Bangalore to #Maldives for 15,000 INR by #AirIndia. Air fare was quite cheap but as per the internet world Maldives was one of the expensive destination looking at the country accommodation and travel, on the other side my heart was pulling me towards the turquoise sea water for which I had a dream to visit long back.

Hello Viewers We went to Maldives during Jan 2019 to celebrate new year & 1st birthday of our son (Ayaan) to the country of islands Maldives.

In this video is about the beautiful bikini beach of Felidhoo.

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Maafushi - http://www.leisureboutiquehotel.com/

Fulidhoo - https://www.booking.com/hotel/mv/malas-island-view.html

Felidhoo - http://magiclifeguesthouse.com/

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Action Camera - https://amzn.to/2H7KfG2

DSLR Camera - https://amzn.to/2CnFhPR

Editing Software - https://www.wondershare.com/

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