Maldives Travel Guide and Tourism

Composed of twelve hundred islands, Maldives is a slice of heaven sustained by the Indian Ocean. A mosaic of aquamarine waters and shimmering white shores, Maldives beckons tourists from across the globe with its sunset catamaran cruises and extravagant spa retreats. The country’s beaches are home to a thriving marine life with their waters boasting of everything from coral reefs and neon clownfish to the slow-moving manta rays. The shallow lagoon of Cocoa Island in the South Malé Atoll is a haven for Maldives’ snorkelling and kayaking enthusiasts. The National Museum located on the main island of Malé houses thrones and other palatial remnants formerly owned by local sultans. Being an island nation, Maldives’ seafood-based cuisine is delectable. One can head to the island’s diving paradise of Banana Reef that is decked with numerous caves and the most dramatic cliffs. A trip to Maldives will be incomplete without feasting on any dish that has the red snapper or the char-grilled prawns, while the authentic fare of the flavoursome curries, such as the miruhulee boava, created with octopus, chili, and curry leaves is also a must have.
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Top Attractions In Maldives

Best Luxury Hotels in Maldives

Enjoy relaxing spas, azul pools, massages, beach views, delicious dishes and the best of local hospitality at these handpicked luxury hotels in Maldives.

Best Mid-Range Hotels in Maldives

Comfortable stays, good food and ocean vistas, Tripoto's list of the best mid-range hotels will let you witness the charms of Maldives without having to spend a fortune.

Best Budget Hotels in Maldives

Maldives has a few budget options with incredible facilities that will make you say, "How can this be so cheap?" Find one from Tripoto's list of the best budget hotels in Maldives

Best Time to Visit Maldives

Peak Season to visit Maldives is from December to April, when the weather is cool, dry and sunny.

Off - Season: During May to August Maldives experiences a drop in the tourist numbers. These months usher in monsoons to the multi-cultural island.

Budget for Maldives

For Budget Travellers: INR 2000 - 3000 a day

  • Accommodation in hostels and guesthouses: INR 1600-2000
  • Food in local cafes and street eateries: INR 220-440
  • Public Transport in boats and buses: INR 20-100


For Mid-range Travellers: INR 3000 to INR 4000 a day

  • Accommodation in mid-range hotels and homestays: INR 2500 - 3000
  • Food in mid-range cafes and restaurants: INR 500 - 1000
  • Local transport in boats and taxis: INR 200 - 1000
  • Sightseeing & Tours: INR 1000 - 2000

For Luxury Travellers: INR 5000 and upwards

  • Accommodation in 4* or 5* hotels: INR 4000 and upwards
  • Food in upscale restaurants and bars: INR 2000 and upwards
  • Local transport in metered taxis: INR 500 and upwards
  • Sightseeing, Guided Tours: INR 3000 and upwards

Visa Information for Maldives

Maldives issues a 30-day stamp on arrival to all passport holders. Nationals of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Nepal are given a 90-day stamp, and an extension of further 60 days is available for Rf.700 fee. Indian citizens can enter Maldives for 90 days without visa. Nationals of Brunei can apply for visa on arrival which is good for a maximum stay of 15 days.

All the tourists must meet up the requirements like holding a suitable passport, adequate funds for the time of hang about in Maldives such as minimum amount of US$100 per person per day and ticket for the onward destination.